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My Story

      I, Mark Allan Wright, grew up in a farm community called Cloverlawn. It was a great place to grow up and it seemed like I was always building something. My favorite toy as a kid was my Meccano Set. I'd tell myself that I wanted a tractor to play with so I built one with my Meccano Set and I'd play with it for a little bit then I'd decide I wanted a Combine but my set wasn't big enough to have both so I had to tear apart my Tractor to build the Combine. Later in life I realized what I really enjoyed was just building things.

      I graduated from making Tractors and Combines to building rafts that I could float on the sloughs. We had more than one slough and it was a real chore to move a raft over to another slough so I just had to build another one there. Then my greatest claim to fame as a kid was my Tree Fort. It was three stories high, it had seven floors and two bat poles. Many years later people remarked on how they used to love coming to play in my tree fort.

      There was a lot of work to do on the farm, especially when my dad was home, so I couldn't play all the time. I had a benifactor who each spring gave me a set of weights so that I could grow up strong. I lifted thos weights and I did grow up strong. Now of course my dad call those weights rocks but I knew that somebody had given them just to me cause othwise how could they so mysteriously reappear every spring. I know I had hauled them all off the field the year before.

      Then there was the stooks and the silage making and the plowing the fields. Learnt to drive on a tractor. It used to annoy me as I got older, when my friends from town, would get a job and make money to buy things and I worked much harder on the farm and never made any money. I was thankful for a neighbor who had hired me to help him out in the summer months so I made a little money.

      Then I was out of school. That's when I really started learning. On the job learning. Had some success like making my own company a success. Owning that company is where I got the idea for owning and building a company in my boardgame COMMODITY® .


Mr. Truman says Hello

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