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The COMMODITY Boardgame Evolution

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The YouTube Video The COMMODITY Evolution


The Boardgame Project

      The First Game Board I developed in November of 1984.
Playing the Game with family. Fun times! I used Risk pieces for the prototype.

I moved to Vancouver, Burnaby area near Central Park, sat down at my drafting table and three weeks later I had a working prototype. I still remember that I had given myself six months to come up with a prototype. If I had known it was only going to take three weeks I would have done it long before.

       The second Game Board I developed. Not too many changes from the first. Just doubled the Slush Fund, Income Tax and Commdity Card spaces. The biggest change in the game came a little while later when I changed the ending of the game to make it more challenging.

       The Final Game Board before production. It was actually a picture of the graphic artwork produced by Bob Masse and Paul Sherstibitoff. The 3D aspect was a big hit.

       The production model. I had 960 games produced.

The Hundred Thousand Dollar Bill

And the Car that Inspired it.

A 1931 V-12 Cadillac 5 Passenger Coupe Model 370A

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