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The COMMODITY Boardgame Evolution

Has Come to Indiegogo.com

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The YouTube Video The COMMODITY Evolution


Tid Bits

      1.  On your intial purchase of Raw Materials it is always good to buy at least 30.

      2.  Always keep Raw Materials in your Warehouse so that you can immediately replace your Products when other players purchase from you.

      3.  All actions in the game take place in order. This means if you pass your Main Office and land on the Slush Fund you would then first pay interest on money owing and place it in the Slush Fund and then you would collect all the money in the Slush Fund. In other words you would end up not having to pay the interest as you would just collect it right away.

      4.  If you land on a Main Office of another player's it is wise to purchase as many products as you can.

      5.  Take a chance. The World hates a coward. Good Luck!!!

Mr. Truman (Our Mascot)

There will be a Contest of sorts to Name Our Guy as soon as our Indiegogo Campaign starts. So think about a name and check back soon!

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